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Top 6 Health & Fitness Blogs to Follow

Best Health & Fitness Blogs

There are hundreds of health and fitness blogs out there today.  I mean, you are reading one right now.  We all have a different flare, focus, and approach to giving our readers the best of us. But, I want to share with you, 6 of my personal favorite health & fitness blogs.  Especially if you work outside the home, it can be really hard to get to the gym.  So, if you are on the hunt for a good home workout routine, keep reading! Each one of these has a focus on at-home workouts!

  1. Nourish Move Love

I found Nourish Move Love, shortly after finding out I was pregnant.  I was on the hunt for pre-natal workouts and found all of Lindsey’s amazing free workouts on Pinterest. But don’t worry, she offers WAY MORE than just pre-natal workouts and her programs are awesome! She shares my love for barre, has some killer HIIT workouts and so much more! She offers a great variety from 15 minute quick workouts to 45 minute full body workouts.  I honestly just love her in general as she focuses so much on the importance of prayer, clean eating, and loving big.

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  1. Physical Kitchness

I started following Chrissa with Physical Kitchness during my first round of Whole30.  She shares amazing Whole30 approved recipes, tips, and so much more. Side note – if you follow her for no other reason than to watch her Instagram stories, it is worth it! She’s raw, vulnerable, and shares it like it is, with all kinds of personality mixed in. But beyond her engaging Instagram stories, she’s a barre instructor, talks about meal planning with a twist, and shares quick and easy recipes for the busy mom.  She has so many amazing at home workouts you can find on her website and Pinterest that are KILLER. In addition, she just recently launched Club Kitchness which is all about saving time in the kitchen and getting in shape in 30 minutes or less (amen to this)!

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  1. Sugary Six Pack

Sugary Six Pack is amazing! I love her vibe and how practical she is with her workouts. Niki is a new mama who shows you how to do intense workouts at home even with baby in tow. You can find some amazing workout packages on her website or download her app for even more great workouts. All of her workouts are equipment-free, so they can be done anywhere. You can also check out her Youtube channel for all kinds of great health & fitness videos.

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  1. Moms Into Fitness

I love Lindsey Brin! I have been following her for a few years and as a mom of 3, I just find her to be really relatable.  She currently has a program called, “30 Days of You” that’s focused on workouts, nutrition, and community. There are currently over 75,000 women who are part of this community so if you need some accountability, you will find it here! You can also download her app – Moms Into Fitness, and purchase specific workouts. I have tried out several of these and they are awesome!

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  1. Fit Momma

Melanie is another mom of 3, who does it all! I love love how she incorporates her kids into her workouts, focuses on clean, healthy living, while also sharing the reality of mom life.  I have followed Melanie for many years.  She offers so many great (free) resources on her blog and Youtube channel.  If you are interested in a vegan lifestyle, she has a great program that focuses on vegan living. I kind of feel like she’s super mom, but she shows it in a way that makes you feel like crazy mom life is so normal!

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  1. POPSUGAR Fitness

While POPSUGAR focus on a variety of different categories, they have some really great health and fitness resources. On the actual blog you will find topics like “If you’re an Emotional Eater, You’ve Got to Read This Health Coach’s Tips For How to Stop” or “30 Days to Strong: A Month-Long Fitness Plan.”  I could get lost in POPSUGAR Fitness for hours because there are so many great blog posts.  They also have an amazing Youtube channel – Popsugar Fitness that is filled with endless free workout videos.

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So there it is, the top 6 health & fitness blogs to follow.  I love each of these because none of them are the same, and they all have a different approach.  Whether you are looking to join a community and take back your health with a paid program OR you just want some free workout videos and valuable health and fitness information, you can find it all in these 6 health & fitness blogs!

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