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Finally, Safer Beauty Products That Work

Safer Skincare: Beautycounter

We all want to choose safer beauty products, free of toxins and other harmful ingredients.  However, this isn’t always an easy road.  First, not all brands are great about transparency.  They may share the “key ingredients,” but not the hard truth of harmful ingredients they include. Second, not all “safe” beauty products are actually effective.  Sure, you feel great buying that 100% organic cleanser, but if it doesn’t work, chances are, you’re going back to your tried and true cleanser…

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10 Bath and Closet, Everyday Essentials

10 bath and closet essentials

I love talking all things health and fitness, but sometimes we have to talk some fun girl stuff too, so here it goes! Our daughters first year was really rough.  I was in survival mode, not pamper mode.  It was a good day if I washed my face and put makeup on for work, before leaving my house (instead of at my work desk)!!  So, I feel like I have come a long way, being able to write a post…

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