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Thrive Market Top Picks for School Lunches

Thrive Market Top Picks for School Lunches

Whether we are ready for it or not, school is around the corner and making those nightly school lunches again is coming.  With our third child on the way, I need convenience!  If you have read my posts for a while now, you know I love Thrive Market. With Thrive Market, I can stock up on healthy, organic, non-gmo items for my kid’s lunches for such an affordable price! The best part? I can order it all online and have…

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10 Ways to Balance Reality with Kids Summer Break

Kids and Summer

Now that we have entered the school age years, I want to be so intentional with the time we have and make the most of summer break. I often set these high expectations, because I want it to be the best summer ever! While this is great, there is also the reality side where you still have to work, the house still needs to be cleaned, laundry needs to be done, and oh yes, money doesn’t grow on trees. So…

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10 Rainy Day Toddler Activities

Rainy day kids activities

We have been getting a lot of rain in Charlotte lately (at least it feels like we have).  This past week, while I was thinking of things to do with Graham on a cold, rainy day, I had the thought –  this topic would make for a good blog post! On some rainy days, it’s fun to stay home and embrace it. Keep your pajamas on all day, make some hot cocoa, watch a movie and be lazy.  On other…

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