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The Best Tennis Shoes for Active Kids

Plae Shoes

I love buying shoes for my kids. Sometimes I wonder if they actually have more shoes than me. But, they are just so cute, and they all serve a different purpose. I love super trendy, cute tennis shoes; however, I’ve found that a lot of these tennis shoes just don’t hold up. Have you ever caught yourself saying, “Don’t get your tennis shoes dirty, I don’t want them ruined!” I have, and I always think this is a funny statement,…

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Kids Fitness: Finding The Best Fit For Your Family

Kids Fitness: Finding the Best Fit for Your Family

Our daughter recently turned five and for her birthday we bought her a gymnastics bar and mat.  One day she said to me, “Hey mom, I have an idea. Why don’t you blog about my gymnastics bar, since you know, your blog is about fitness, and gymnastics is fitness.”  Her comment to me went much deeper than she knows. Not only is she actually giving me valuable feedback and ideas for my blog (at 5 years old), but she’s connecting…

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