As a mom, sometimes fitness is the last thing on our minds.  I get it – we’re busy…really busy!  But, fitness does not always have to mean spending 2 hours at the gym.  There are so many creative ways to incorporate it into your life, but the key is, to incorporate it!  Also, it is so great to show our children the importance of taking care of our bodies and maintaining an active lifestyle.  Fitness can however be an overwhelming thought process.  Do I really have to go to a gym?…Should I join a studio, there are so many?…What do I do with my kids?…I don’t have a spare moment in my day, I work full time, how would I fit a workout in? We’ll talk about all of that here!


I’m sure you’ve heard the cliché saying, “You only get ONE life.”  But it is so true and such a loaded statement.  So how do we make the best of this ONE life?  How do we begin creating a healthy lifestyle for us and our family that goes beyond just fitness?  How do we find the balance between natural remedies and giving our kids medicine when they need it? How do we buy organic food on a budget? How do we choose the best probiotic for our family when there are SO many options? We’ll talk about all of that here!


There is so much that makes up mom life beyond health and fitness.  Because I am a mom and I am sure I am going through many of the same struggles and challenges as all of you, I love talking about these things and starting some commentary.  I hope I provide valuable information to you on some topics we all face during mom life.