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How A Pantry Staple Cured My Son’s Skin Condition

Coconut Oil Benefits for the Skin

I have always been a strong believer in coconut oil, and the natural, powerful properties it contains.  For years, I have used it off and on as a face cleanser, makeup remover, and body moisturizer.  So, when my son, Graham, broke out in the skin virus, Molluscum Contagiosum, I was curious to see if coconut oil would dry it up. I had done so much research on natural ways to cure the virus and while there are some other remedies out there, none of them sounded all that certain.  So, I decided to grab the coconut oil out of my pantry and give it a shot.

What is Molluscum Contagiosum

If you have never heard of Molluscum Contagiosum, it is a common skin virus among kids that results in raised bumps on the skin.  There is a small black seed in the middle of each bump.  The virus is spread by skin to skin contact or by touching objects that have the virus on them.  It is a fairly harmless virus that usually goes away on its own, over time. The downside is, it can spread to other parts of the body.  For Graham, my biggest concern was that I didn’t want the virus to spread to his face or anywhere else that would be very visible.

Treatments for Molluscum Contagiosum

Because the virus is pretty harmless, it is okay to let it heal on its own. However, if you want to get rid of it, there are over-the-counter and prescription creams that you can get.  I am not a huge fan of strong topical creams unless I absolutely have to use them.  Because Molluscum Contagiosum isn’t harmful, I was not running to get a cream.  My plan was to just wait it out.  Unfortunately, I noticed about 5 months in, that the virus was starting to spread, so I needed a plan.  This is where my pantry staple, coconut oil comes in.

How Coconut Oil Cured My Son’s Molluscum Contagiosum

Every night before bed, I would apply coconut oil to the affected areas.  After about a month of doing this, I wasn’t noticing any difference so I was about to stop.  Until, one morning he woke up and told me his dots hurt.  He let me take a look, and I saw the most fascinating thing.  On the biggest dot that he had, it looked like the black seed was coming out of the skin.  I get really fascinated by skin things, so I just stared at it for the longest time. Of course, when I went to take a picture he said, “noooo” and ran away! But I realized, it was actually working! Coconut oil was in fact killing this Molluscum Contagiosum virus. Slowly, we started noticing that many of the other large bumps were going through the same process.  And over time, they all started to die.

What Makes Coconut Oil So Powerful?

Coconut oil has gained in popularity in recent years, simply because of its powerful and broad benefits.  It is considered a great moisturizer and also has the ability to treat several skin issues.

Scientific research into the benefits of coconut oil for skin and face care has shown that it contains antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.  For example, research published in the Natural Medicine Journal said that coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids which have an antimicrobial effect. The main fatty acid is lauric acid which plays a vital role in killing off various bacterial and fungal infections on the skin (1).

Coconut Oil Benefits to the Skin

Other Great Uses for Coconut Oil on The Skin

  1. Coconut Oil Is a Gentle and Effective Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is powerful enough to cut through motor oil and grease, while at the same time, being gentle and safe for a baby’s skin. Because of its powerful agents, it works wonders on removing your makeup, even waterproof mascara.  To use, simply apply coconut oil all over your face with a cotton ball. Leave it on for a couple of minutes then wash it off with warm water.

  1. Coconut Oil Helps Reduce Facial Wrinkles

As we get older, our body produces less collagen which starts to result in those fine lines that we all start to see over time.  Fortunately, there are ways to provide your body with more collagen, which you can read about here. In addition to consuming collagen, applying coconut oil to those fine lines every night can go a long way. Coconut oil is known to penetrate deep into the skin.  The triglycerides in the oil attracts protein molecules, ensuring timely repair of the collagen layer (2).

  1. Coconut Oil Heals Cold Sores

Coconut oil contains many antimicrobial and moisturizing properties that can help treat cold sores quickly. It can also help in soothing the discomfort that a cold sore can cause.  To use, simply apply coconut oil to the affected area with a cotton swab.

  1. Coconut Oil Can Be a Natural Shaving Gel

Coconut oil’s antibacterial activity helps to protect the skin from infection.  This prevents hair follicles from becoming inflamed after shaving, which prevents razor bumps and burns.  When men use coconut oil as a shaving gel for the face, a face moisturizer after the shave is not always needed as the skin is already very moisturized.

  1. Coconut Oil Can Provide Sunburn Relief

Coconut oil is one of the best natural ingredients to get rid of sunburn and sunburn blisters.  It is known to be an anti-inflammatory and can help reduce redness and skin inflammation on damaged skin.  To use coconut oil for a sunburn, simply apply to the affected area, 2-3 times per day.

Adding Coconut Oil Into Your Daily Routine

I prefer to keep a bottle of coconut oil in our bathrooms.  This makes it easily accessible and also helps you remember to use it (especially when you are dealing with skin issues like, Molluscum Contagiosum).  If you ever run out of your face cleanser or moisturizer, remember to pull out your coconut oil.  It is so extremely versatile, effective, and safe for your skin!


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