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My Thrive Market Top Picks

Thrive Market Top Picks

If you are not familiar with Thrive Market, I go into great detail about it here.  But to summarize, it is an online marketplace that is on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone. You can shop for thousands of the best-selling, non-GMO foods and natural products for 25-50% below traditional retail prices, all shipped straight to your door!

I often get asked if I prefer Thrive Market over stores like Trader Joes and Aldi.  The answer is no, because each of these outlets serve a different purpose for me.  I buy many of my staple items, organic snacks, health and home essentials on Thrive Market.  Whereas, the local grocery is more for meat (which Thrive Market has just started offering) and produce.  I also get asked quite a bit, what my go-to items on Thrive Market are.  I still have so much to try since there are literally thousands of amazing products, but for this post, I have narrowed down my Thrive Market top picks that I am loving right now.

Before I Share my Thrive Market Top Picks…

I tend to get really overwhelmed by online shopping.  There are often so many products, where do you begin? Thrive Market has made it so easy to filter the catalog by your values and dietary preferences. Whether you are paleo, gluten-free, vegan, ketogenic, etc. you can shop 90+ values in just one click of a button.  There’s no more reading labels because Thrive Market does all of the homework for you. These filters apply to more than just food. You can also filter by baby products, household supplies, pet supplies, and so much more.  A huge time saver!

My Thrive Market Top Picks

As you read through my Thrive Market top picks, you may recognize many of these items and brands.  Although some of these can be found at the local grocery, I choose to buy them on Thrive Market because they are almost always cheaper than my local grocery.  And, I am not going to 4 different stores to get everything I need! Thrive Market has simplified my shopping experience tremendously by offering almost everything I need at the click of a button, delivered straight to my door.

Pantry Staples

Kids Snacks

Kids Products

Vitamins & Body

Whole30 Approved Products

Household Cleaners

Baking Items

Things To Note About Thrive Market

1. Thrive Market Promotions

In addition to the great prices already offered through Thrive Market, there are some really great promotions they often email out to members.  For example,  they regularly offer a “free gift” with any purchase over a certain amount. I have received some great products by simply taking advantage of these promotions. In addition, they often have sales on certain products and categories.  You will even see promotions like,  25% off the entire site for 24 hours.  There are so many great ways to take advantage of additional savings.

2. Finding your Fit with Thrive Market

I will admit, it took me a couple of purchases to truly find my fit with Thrive Market.  What I ordered vs. what I still bought at my local grocery. Now that I have found a good routine, I have very specific items I purchase on Thrive Market.  I am now to a point, I need to start venturing out and trying some new products! But it is so great, once you find your “go-to” products that you love. So be patient if you are one or two purchases in, I promise you’ll find a good routine if you stick with it.

3. You Can Try Thrive Market for FREE

If this sounds pretty great and you want to try out Thrive Market, you can! Before committing to a year membership, you can try Thrive Market, free for 30 days and get 20% of your first 3 purchases, just by clicking here! If you aren’t sold at any time within that 30 days, just cancel and you are not out anything. If you choose to continue your membership after 30 days, you will be charged a $60 yearly membership fee.  With the amount you save on products, your membership pays for itself very quickly. I more than paid for my membership in my first 2 purchases with Thrive Market. Ready to give it a try? Sign up here!!  I hope you love it as much as I do!!

 *I do get a small commission if you sign up under my link. Thank you for your support!







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