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Must Have Pregnancy Products

Must Have Pregnancy Products

I haven’t been pregnant in 3 years, so I am feeling a little behind with the latest and greatest, must have pregnancy products out there! So, in true form, I’ve been googling and researching like crazy to see what I, “need.”  I also reached out to several girlfriends who are either pregnant, or were recently pregnant to find out what their must have items are.  Pregnancy is by no means comfortable, so I’m all about any product that may make it a little easier on the body! So let’s get right to it – a full roundup of must have pregnancy products.

All About the Skin

I have not been blessed with amazing genes when it comes to avoiding stretch marks while pregnant.  I did manage to avoid them during my first pregnancy. But with my second, they came out in full force.  There is conflicting information out there, to actually measure the effectiveness of belly balms.  However, from one mom to another, I have to say, I am a firm believer in lathering the belly.  Although I got many stretch marks with Graham, they still could have been a lot worse, and they have faded drastically.

Below are a few great belly balm recommendations that are effective and safe for the belly:

All About the Body

There are endless products out there today to make pregnancy a bit more comfortable on your body and that growing bump. Below are some products that are worth investing in.

While I have never used one of these personally, I had several girlfriends tell me a maternity belt helped tremendously with lower back pain.  These two brands came recommended.

I use this product almost every day in my first and second trimester.  When you can still fit into your jeans, but you can’t button them, this bellyband is a lifesaver.  It is essentially like wearing a cami that covers your jean buckles.

Dresses will be in full swing during this summer pregnancy.  Although dresses are comfortable, they aren’t always the most flattering.  Even the flowy ones can show all of those areas you really don’t want to magnify. Although a bit of an investment, this maternity shaper is so worth it and will make you feel comfortable sporting any dress this summer.

This is another great shapewear product that is recommended by some very reputable bloggers out there. It is also one of those products you can use as postpartum shapewear as well.

I have never invested in a pregnancy pillow, but so many mama’s (and friends that I talked to) have said it is an absolute must! With Graham, I slept on the couch the last month because I was just so uncomfortable. So, if this pregnancy goes that same route, I will be investing in one of these!

I am a huge fan of GapFit in general, and buy most of my workout clothes from here.  I had never tried their maternity leggings but a friend of mine said they are the best investment you can make.  So, I ordered myself a pair of these and can’t wait to try them.

If your cup size is still intact but you can’t button your bra anymore or it feels a little snug, just get these bra extender clips. With my first pregnancy, I felt like I had a bra in every size because each month brought about a new change!! These are a cheap go-to, to have on hand.

All About Your Health

My first two pregnancies were pretty in tune with eachother. I had the same cravings, the same symptoms, nothing really earth shattering.  This pregnancy has been very different so I have been soaking in any and all information out there to be prepared.  Here are some products recommended…

If you experience hemorrhoids during pregnancy, you need to get yourself some tea tree oil. Although this is something I have never personally experienced (praying I don’t), tea tree oil is said to be great for hemorrhoid relief!

This was a new one to me, but again, a must-have item from some girlfriends. I am not the best water drinker, so I am going to give this sparking water a shot, to spice up my water life a bit!

Ginger is known to help with pregnancy nausau. Sipping a little bit of ginger tea in the morning or evening is a great way to balance your body and control that nausea if needed.

Having a bottle of water with you at all times is a must during pregnancy.  I can’t even tell you how many times I felt so dehydrated or like I was going to pass out (literally) during my first pregnancy, simply because I needed water but didn’t have any.  If water isn’t exciting for you to drink, buy a water bottle that you can infuse fruit in, or try buying a bottle where you drink out of a straw! Because it’s hard to choose just one water bottle, below are a few great options for you.

Other Things

  • Ovia Pregnancy App

I just recently downloaded this and really like it! It is laid out nicely and is very easy to follow. The weekly updates are really fun and you can customize the features of the weekly updates.  My son loves the fun & games theme, because right now tour baby is the size of an action figure. Check it out if you’re on the hunt for a new pregnancy app!

I always keep a granola bar in my purse while pregnant.  When you’re hungry, you’re hungry! This is one of the hardest things for me to adjust to with every pregnancy. Because you can’t ignore those hunger pains, you HAVE to eat!! It is so helpful to just have a high protein granola bar handy why you are in a bind.

I hope this list was helpful for you! I have a long ways to go in this pregnancy, so check back frequently as I may be adding some additional items as I hear of them or try them out myself! 


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