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Kids and Kombucha

Kids and Kombucha

Guest Post: YEABUCHA

Kids and kombucha make a really great pair. Let me explain. It is becoming increasingly evident that proper communication between the brain in our GUT and the brain in our HEAD is a critical part of our health. The bulk of our immune system is found in the gut, so it makes sense that  sickness and disease can wreak havoc in the body when our gut bacteria gets out of whack. Poor gut health has been associated with ADHD, learning/behavioral disabilities, allergies, autism and autoimmune disorders. As parents, we want to do everything we can to help our children live healthy lives. Helping your children have a healthy gut is within your reach– and kombucha can help.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is fermented tea rich in probiotics, vitamins and enzymes. It is a tasty and delicious way to boost gut health and immunity. The easiest way to incorporate the benefits of kombucha into your health is to begin each day with a glass. Your body will begin to crave it too, because it is a nutrient filled adaptogen. It helps the liver detoxify,  replenishes the body with vitamins and enzymes, and gives us calm, focused energy. It really is no wonder why so many cultures revere fermented foods and beverages, and give them to kids for optimal health. Incorporating 1 glass a day can help keep many common childhood illnesses like colic and indigestion at bay.

Kids and Kombucha

Better late than never, Western culture  is finally realizing that our diet lacks fermented foods and our health is suffering. Kraut and kimchi are becoming grocery store staples, and kombucha also now takes up a good share of shelf space. We are thrilled to see these things available commercially, but getting your kid to eat sauerkraut or kimchi may take some time, and kombucha is great, but very expensive to buy everyday. This is why we think home brewing kombucha is so incredible: it’s affordable and tastes good.  The taste of kombucha–especially home brewed and flavored with your kids favorite fruit–is delicious and fizzy. It is a great reminder that the sweet carbonation we crave from soda can be satisfied with kombucha. It will please the taste buds and nourish the body.

Home Brewing Kombucha with Kids

In our own health and wellness journeys we discovered that in order for something new to stick, it can’t be too expensive or time consuming. Cue the reason why we created YEABUCHA Home Brew Kits. Our kits provide you with everything you need to brew, 3 simple steps to get it done in about 20 minutes and an affordable price tag. In fact, if you drink kombucha regularly your kit will pay for itself in about 2 weeks, and it will cost you less than $2 a week to keep brewing. We’ve also created a community of brewers that answer questions, offer quick tips and give support every step of the way. Kombucha is a very hearty and resilient culture, making it easier to get wonderful results with minimal hands on time.

Kids and kombucha

Home brewing kombucha is a simple way for you and your kids to make something together that the whole family will enjoy (and benefit from). For our family, home brewing is math, reading, following directions, learning life skills and doing a crazy science experiment all rolled into one (with minimal clean up)!  Like everything with kids, we don’t all do it together every single time. Sometimes solo brewing is best and other times it’s fun to do with your partner. As your family begins to appreciate the taste of kombucha and the way it makes them feel, they will often be more than willing to help. Creating unique family flavors can also be fun!

Kombucha Candy

Just in case you need one more reason to see why kids and kombucha make a great pair, let me tell you about what we like to call “Kombucha Candy.” When you brew kombucha the first fermentation lasts 7-10 days. After that, you flavor your brew with your favorite fruits and herbs before letting it ferment for 2-4 more days. The kombucha takes on the flavor and color of the fruit and leaves behind the most delicious tasting treat. As the fruit ferments it gets fizzy and tangy while maintaining some sweetness, hence the term Kombucha Candy. These sweet and sour fruits are highly coveted in our home. Our 3 year old especially love berries, grapes and apples!

Kids and kombucha

As with anything you add into the health and wellness routine for your family, start with small amounts of kombucha. Everyone is different and you don’t want to start with too much too soon. We recommend trying a 4 oz glass each morning and see how your child responds. As you see how it affects them, feel free to drink it more frequently. The most reluctant (6 year old) bucha fan in our family has recently become our biggest fan. Kombucha tastes good and makes you feel good, so don’t be surprised when your kids start loving it!

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