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Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Guys Gift Guide

I find the guys in my life to be the hardest to shop for.  They just don’t ever vocalize what they want and if they need something, they just go get it (different than us girls for sure).  So, this year, I tried to pay extra attention to things my husband talked about throughout the year, while also thinking outside the box.  I’m pretty sure I have come up with something for every guy in your life in this guys holiday gift guide, whether it’s your husband, dad, brother, grandfather, or boyfriend!


Date Night – This is an especially great one for dads, who just want a few hours of their wife’s attention, kid free!  Plan and pay for date nights for the entire year so that all of the details are taken care of and you have no excuse not to go on a date.

Massage – A massage is what I get my husband when I can’t think of anything else, because who doesn’t love a good massage (yes, even most guys love these).

Sporting Event Tickets – If the guy you are buying for loves sports, then he will love tickets to a sporting event he likes.


Raybans – A good, quality pair of sunglasses just make you feel good, am I right?  Raybans have so many great styles, but these classic style glasses, and these are my favorite.

Nike Shoes: Every guy needs a good pair of versatile tennis shoes and I particularly love these Nike shoes, because they are just a classic and can be worn with so much.

Athletic Pants & Shirt: A quality go-to pair of athletic pants and shirt are a good staple to have in every guys closet.  These pants and this shirt are a great option.

Bluetooth Speaker: We have this Bluetooth speaker and have been so happy with it.  It has great sound quality, is light, and has withstood the sand and (some rain) many times and still sounds great.

Soundbar:  Every guy likes a good sound system while watching a movie or some football.  This one is a great option for a quality sound.

Waterbottle: If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet super practical and useful gift, get your guys a good waterbottle. I particularly love this one.  It has a double wall vacuum that will keep the water cold for hours.

Counterman Gift Set: Even guys like to be pampered sometimes.  This holiday exclusive kit from Beautycounter is the perfect blend of a clean cleanser, shaving cream, aftershave, and face lotion.

Yeti Products: I was talking with a girlfriend and she said her husband just wants anything Yeti for Christmas. So there you go.  I rounded up a few Yeti items I think all guys would like and I found this rambler, this hat, this bucket, or this cooler.

Amazon Gift Card: When all else fails and you just don’t know what else to get, everyone likes an Amazon gift card.

Cooling Towel: This cooling towel is such a useful, inexpensive gift and perfect if your guy is active or you live in a hot climate. I may just want to snag one of these for myself. Also great for kids, if they run hot, like mine!

Bug-A-Salt: I have seen this on a few different gift guides this year and think it is the perfect gift for any guy and is kind of hilarious too.  My husband HATES getting flies in the house and the kids leave the doors open all.the.time.  This bug-a-salt works by adding table salt and all you do is shoot, and down goes the fly! It gets crazy good reviews and is that perfect guy gift. I’ll be wrapping one of these up for him this year, for sure.

Drone: I feel like drones are overtaking everything, but they really are so cool and reasonably priced. This drone is a great option.

Adjustable Dumbbells: These adjustable dumbbells are perfect for the guy who wants to work out at home but has limited space. I love the size of these!

Cologne: I love the girls version of this scent, flowerbomb, so naturally I think the guys cologne is just as amazing!

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 Ring Video Doorbell: We recently had a video doorbell installed with our security system and now I don’t know what we ever did without it.  We use it all.the.time.  If you do not have a security system, this ring video doorbell is a must!

Apple AirPods: I bought these AirPods for my husband this year and he loves them. Whether you use them for working out, listening to podcasts on the go, or for phone calls, they are a great quality wireless option.  Side note – you can never find discounts on these, but if you buy from Target and use your redcard, you will receive the 5% off savings.  (every little bit helps)

Apple Watch – If you are wanting to splurge a little, an Apple watch is the perfect gift for a guy. There are so many great uses for this watch, and worth the splurge. (Again, buy from Target and use your red card for your 5% savings)

Air Compressor: Every guy needs an air compressor.  It comes in handy for so many things, and one of those items you don’t think about needing, until you need it! This one is a great option.

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