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The Best Tennis Shoes for Active Kids

Plae Shoes

I love buying shoes for my kids. Sometimes I wonder if they actually have more shoes than me. But, they are just so cute, and they all serve a different purpose. I love super trendy, cute tennis shoes; however, I’ve found that a lot of these tennis shoes just don’t hold up. Have you ever caught yourself saying, “Don’t get your tennis shoes dirty, I don’t want them ruined!” I have, and I always think this is a funny statement, because tennis shoes are meant to play in! Kids are rough on their tennis shoes, they play hard! Many of the tennis shoes on the market today are super cute, but not functional. So I started doing my research when my daughter was little and found the best tennis shoes for active kids and I haven’t gone back since!

The Problem with Most Tennis Shoes

I love the cute little classic tennis shoes, and don’t get me wrong, you will find a pair of these in my kids closets.  However, they are not their functional play tennis shoes.  Why? Because they just don’t hold up. With boys especially, they are born with this innate urge to drag their toes on the hard, rough concrete floor, which gives them a lovely hole right in the big toe area. A couple of years ago, my nephew started doing this and he would get a hole in his shoe! I thought it was so interesting that he did this. But guess what, about 5 months ago, my two year old boy started doing the exact same thing! Both of my kids especially love to drag their feet when they ride their scooters. Most shoes are simply made of fabric in the toe area and there is no extra protection to prevent holes.

The Best Tennis Shoes for Active Kids

When my daughter was 3, I was on the hunt to find the best tennis shoes for active kids, that were still cute, but would actually hold up and make it through an entire season without falling apart or looking super dirty after a week. And most of all – I wanted a shoe that she could actually play in without me worrying about them getting ruined! I came across the Plae brand at Nordstrom, and I thought they were just the cutest shoe and so different than everything else I had seen. I ordered a pair and was so impressed with them.

Plae ShoesPlae Shoes

5 Things That Set Plae Shoes Apart from Its Competitors

  1. Plae is Passionate about Kids Play – The passion and purpose behind the brand of Plae is to nurture and encourage play by creating a shoe that is durable and can withstand kids active lifestyles.
  2. The Shoes are Durable – As I talked about above, I am so impressed with the durability of these shoes. The thick rubber that is in the front to protect the toes is genius. The shoes are designed with rounded edges, flexible soles, and reflexive traction to make it comfortable and easy to play.
  3. They Make Shoes Fun for Kids – When it’s time to pick out a new pair, it takes my daughter so long to decide which one she wants because she loves all of them! They have put so much thought and creativity into every style they create, making each shoe unique and different.
  4. There Are a Variety of Functional Designs – Plae offers a variety of styles from tennis shoes to waterproof shoes to sandals.
  5. The Shoes Are Easy to Get On and Off – This feature is one of my favorites. Plae has designed the tongue of the shoe to open up completely, making it easy for kids to get the shoe on and off. How often do our kids have a breakdown because they can’t wiggle their foot into their shoe. Not with Plae shoes!

Where to Purchase Plae Shoes:

You can find Plae shoes at retailers like:

I have found the shoes to run pretty true to size. Although I have focused on toddler shoes, Plae actually carries shoes from toddler age, all the way through adults! They offer some really cool adult styles as well.

My Final Thoughts

This post is in no way sponsored by Plae. I am simply writing this from one mom to another because the tennis shoe struggle is real! I hate when shoes don’t hold up, as it feels like a complete waste of money. Yes, Plae shoes are a bit more expensive than other shoes, but you get what you pay for. It is worth the extra $15 to ensure a tennis shoe lasts!!  I am a firm believer that Plae is the best tennis shoes for active kids.  I have bought several pairs now and have had the best experience every single time!

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